5 Condenser Fan Problems That AC Experts Can Solve

The condenser unit is crucial for the lifespan of the AC. The role of the part is to cool down the refrigerant from its hot and gaseous state back to its liquid form to continue the cooling cycle. When this part of the system is functioning, you will have very few issues with your system. The fan is one of the condenser's main components, and when it fails, the outdoor part is at risk of crashing. Here are five of the most common fan issues and how air conditioning repair technicians resolve them.

When It Does Not Have Power

Begin the diagnosis process by checking whether your system has electricity. Issues like broken fuses and bad connections interrupt the power supply to the capacitor, the motor, and the fan.

Problems with the Capacitor

The capacitor is the part of the AC that stores the energy used by the fans. When the capacitor experiences electrical issues, it stops working. For example, it could fail because of a power surge, overheating, and old age. When it stops working, the fans stop receiving the energy they need to keep rotating. The only way to resolve this issue is by replacing the damaged capacitor with a new and functional one. 

When the Motor Burns Out

The outdoor part of your air conditioning system also contains a motor. When this part of the system overworks, it might stop working. A malfunctioning motor cuts out the power supply to the condenser fans and stops working. The only solution to this issue is to replace the motor or the entire outdoor air conditioning appliance. Most people prefer to replace the system once the part is damaged to avoid frequent collapse. 

When the Contactor Has Problems

The contactor resides inside the air conditioning appliance. The switch controls the electrical voltage that reaches not only the compressor but also the appliance's condenser fan motor. There will be no voltage reaching the condenser fan of your appliance when the contactor fails, leading to system collapse.

When It Has a Loose or Broken Belt

Older air conditioner models have a belt that controls the fan's movement. When the belt of your appliance breaks or becomes loose, it can no longer control the fan. The best way to fix this problem is by getting the belt back to its regular function. 

Call a competent air conditioning expert to help you assess and solve problems with your condenser fans. With their help, you can get better functions from your unit.